Covid-19: What steps did we take?

This whole operation was born out of the pandemic. So we built it in, with a focus on par-baked goods – which you can keep in your freezer and finish baking in your oven at your own pace. And some French baked pastry staples, because well, our baker is French.

When it comes to our baked goods, we take all the required precautions required in the food service industry, and more. As a type B license holder, we are subjected to the same health inspections as commercial kitchens and restaurants.

Our family took the pandemic seriously early on. We believe in being careful for our own sake, but also for that of others. We also took additional food safety training specifically addressing Covid-19-related take-out and delivery protocols. Everyone in our household is now vaccinated.

Stay assured that we will take the highest precautions to make sure we provide yummy food you can feel secure about.