Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find your products?

We are a Cottage Food Operation located in Lake County, California (permit #17094). You can either pick up orders from our farm, or get them delivered in Lake County (minimum order amount and delivery fee may apply, depending on zip code).

Can you deliver outside Lake County?

We can deliver directly to consumers in nearby counties based on our availability and logistics. Contact us first before ordering – minimum amounts will apply.

What are Montreal-style bagels, and how are they different?

Montreal bagels include honey in their dough, and are boiled in honey water, instead of a barley malt solution like New York-style bagels. The honey (we use Lake County raw honey) enhances them with a hint of sweetness. They are chewy and usually feature a larger hole. Our plain bagels weigh about 3 oz. each, and a bit more for our seasoned and other variants.

Do you guys bake gluten-free products?

We do! Our gluten-free financier, using almond and organic coconut flour, is a hit! And we recently added a gluten-free canelé (after a lot of experimentation) we are very proud of. However, keep in mind we use a lot of gluten-rich ingredients in our kitchen, and we can't guarantee 100% gluten-free products, as contamination can occur.

Do you use organic ingredients?

We strive on using mostly organic ingredients whenever possible. Our flours are all USDA-certified organic. We also use organic ghee, milk, butter, eggs, raisins, chocolate, and more. For ingredients that are not certified organic, we privilege quality ingredients from sustainable practices, and look for local or regional sources as much as possible.

Do you offer vegan products?

Yes! Our bialys and pumpernickel bagels are 100% vegan!

Do you make an egg bagel?

We don't, but don't be sad: Montreal-style bagels actually integrate eggs in their dough. So if you like egg bagels, you will probably enjoy our plain bagels!

Can you ship?

Unfortunately, our baked goods do not travel well when shipped. We can however ship our own award-winning honey when in stock.

Do you sell to businesses?

We do. Contact us for our wholesale prices and conditions.

Do you publish your recipes?

We don't. We have been fine-tuning them for a while, and constantly try to improve on them. But with a little bit of googling you should be able to find recipes for similar products. 

Can you accommodate special requests?

We are open to suggestions, and we love to experiment! We would be happy to listen to your ideas and see if we can deliver on them.