Our Story

Playflight Farm & Bakery was born out of the pandemic, a concept hatched by Abby and Arnaud in the spring of 2020. Abby was born and raised on the Sonoma Coast before she moved to the Bay Area where she worked as a model and pursued a career in the high-end hospitality industry. Arnaud grew up in a small town outside Paris, then studied at the Sorbonne and worked for French media outlets before getting into tech, which eventually took him to the Bay Area, before settling in Lake County. Abby and Arnaud met in a San Francisco wine bar. Shortly thereafter, Abby and her son Max joined Arnaud in Lake County, where the pair tied the knot in 2018.

When the pandemic hit, both Abby and Arnaud found themselves with more free time and bills than they knew what to do with. Arnaud loved to bake, and Abby was a natural salesperson. The home-based bakery was born.

Our products are a mix of classic French sweet and savory specialties, but also deli staples like bagels and bialys. Some are offered par-baked and frozen, allowing the customers to finish baking them at their convenience.

We operate under a Cottage Food Operation permit, and we also are a registered Egg Handler with the state of California (we manage a small flock of organically-raised, free-ranging hens). We also keep honeybees. We're a home-based operation, but we strive to provide professional quality to what we produce.